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"It's an amazing program, that helped get me where I needed to be for college."

Ryan Gillespie,

Former Student

"The teachers are amazing and care so much about our kids when they are with them."

Leslie Jarrett,


"...we went from a kid that didn't want to go to school, to one that doesn't want to put a book down."

Frankie Casteel,


"Reading Plus is an excellent program for students who need to catch up, develop, or review their reading skills. The program can be adapted for all students' abilities, making it invaluable to individual reading development."

Tiechera Dawn Samuel, College Instructor

"Our daughter attended the lab last year. This year during her map test she informed me that she was able to comprehend what she read. If your child has any problems with reading, comprehension, etc, the money is well spent and worth it."

Anita Freeman,


"...Many years of research and dedication to creating stronger readers and building critical thinking skills are integrated beautifully in the one, highly effective program. I've seen it work semester after semester."

Lisa Gray,

Reading Teacher

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