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What are people saying about the Lab?

We recently had a "Meeting of the Minds" at the local Chamber of Commerce. We had the opportunity to meet with educators, nonprofits, farmers, parents, business leaders and community members. We were able to share the mission of the Lab and explain what we do on a daily basis and what we plan on doing in the future as a nonprofit organization. We wanted to hear from the community about what they thought of our innovative services and the need in the community.

We asked the following question of them...ALL of the answers we received touched our hearts and here are a few of them...

What do you like most about what you have heard today?

"...the comprehensive approach to reading instruction."

"Love it! Love that hopefully all children no matter how much income the family has can receive the services."

"Awesome! The Learning Lab offers variety of testing and educational resources to help the children to reach their educational goals."

"...opportunity for the children and the community"

"I love the VIP services. I have seen this as a very successful program in school systems."

"That this service is available in our area!"

"I love that the Lab addresses the foundation issues - getting to the bottom of what is causing the difficulties in the classroom."

"So impressed with what has already been accomplished - helping these children to feel comfortable and they can open up to one on one teachers."

"Positive achievement"

We are touched by the response and are excited that we have so many partners in our community who share our vision.

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