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We are an America's Farmers Grow Communities Monsanto Fund Winner 2018

In July the Lab received the entitlement of a 501c3 status. We have been working toward this goal for the past year and are excited for this new chapter in our story. During this time we received support from Friends of the Library, Joyce Whitworth, and especially Gary and Nancy Morse in directing their donation from Monsanto to the Learning Lab that created the first Educational Scholarships!

The 501c3 allows us to apply for funding opportunities to support the Learning Lab Educational Scholarships. The Scholarships open the door to more students accessing the Lab’s resources. Becoming a non-profit allows patrons to support education through tax deductible donations.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between learning to read and loving to read for students of all ages. We want our community members to be confident in their abilities, to become productive citizens, and to reach their life goals. We know reading is the key!

The Learning Lab serves students ages five to adult who want to improve their reading skills and recognize the importance of what reading allows them to accomplish in everyday life and beyond.

Our Services:

Diagnostic Screening and Assessment

One-on-one Tutoring

Action-based Learning


ACT Prep

Online Reading Plus

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