Is your student struggling with dyslexia or another learning disability? 


Reading is a complex process that involves synchronized interaction between visual perceptual and cognitive functions. Inefficient visual perception and underdeveloped phonemic aware skills will result in mental energy being consumed when only processing text rather than supporting reading comprehension. 


Visual perceptual deficits show up in four out of every ten students. Phonemic awareness (dyslexia) deficits are found in one of five students.  Lack of identification and intervention have an enormous effect on self-worth, educational progress, graduation rates, family incomes, and obtaining one's goals.







The Learning Lab staff is uniquely qualified to assist students through interventions that improve visual perceptual delays and phonemic awareness skill-building--both essential to reading! At the Learning Lab, we are continuously researching and planning for each student's specific reading needs. 


The Learning Lab is the only non-school entity in Southeast Missouri to be certified as an official Vision Intervention Site and our staff systematically participates in Dyslexia intervention training in order to understand and improve reading instruction.


Check out the links below to learn more about the programs and methods we use:




Vision Symptoms 

The Orton-Gillingham Method

Reading Plus 



We Will:

Provide students with an avenue for learning from improving basic reading skills to increasing ACT scores.

Move students toward positive self-efficacy and closer to reaching their life goals.

Encourage students to find a way or make one.


We Will Model:

The power of positive words to approach difficult tasks.

How to meet a challenge; wonder, think, and discover a solution.

A mindset of “you haven’t learned it…yet!”

For All Students:

To complete each session with a feeling of accomplishment.

To finish the session with tangible evidence of success.